Thermal baths & Waterfalls

Hot spring Banjar (air panas Banjar)
A hot spring in 3 levels according to warmth and height of jets. The water is green as it contains sulphur.
At ± 15-30 min. from Singasari-Kokokan.

Hot spring Banyuwedang (air panas Banyuwedang)
It used to be a free hot spring however recently the Mimpi resort has been built to use its water and therefore and changed the natural surroundings. The lagoon is still available for swimming and snorkling. At this locations there is also a small harbour for boats going to Mengjangan island.
Direction west about ± 45 minutes drive from Singasari-Kokokan.

Air Sanih (Yeh Sanih)
A cold spring already a popular site since the 1930’s. It is believed that the water comes directly from lake Batur. Nearby is a temple devoted to Vishnu. The spring is located at the beach and offers a beautiful view at sea. Many locals visit this spring for a swim in the fresh water
Direction east ± 17 km past Singaraja, about ± 30 min. from Singasari-Kokokan.

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