Natuur & wandelingen

Surrounding Singasari-Kokokan
Right in front of Singasari-Kokokan you find a well in between the rice paddies. To the right a special small shrine is used for special ceremonies. A bit further on to the right the local farmers prey at their subak temple for a good harvest and health. The area besides the entrance of Singasari-Kokokan has a special meaning as well so you will find small offerings over there. Surrounding Singasari-Kokokan in the direction of the mountains you can have beautiful walks trough original villages. The more you go uphill the more authentic it will get.

The village of Munduk is known for its beautiful views, clove, coffee, cocoa plantations and trackings to the waterfalls and lakes of Tamblingan and Buyan. Hotel “Puri Lumbung” offers guided hikes to several places of interest in the area of Munduk.
Munduk is located at a ± 45 minute drive from Singasari-Kokokan.

East of Singaraja near the village of Sawan (known for its gong and gamelan production) you will find undiscovered Sekumpul, beautiful nature with many waterfalls. Steep walk down, but worth it.

Kebon Raya – botanical gardens of Bedegul
In the mountains of Bedegul the botanical gardens of Bedegul is located. The gardens are part of the well known gardens of Bogor in Java. Kebon Raya counts 130 hectares and is seen as a tribute to the mountain flora of East Indonesia. It offers 500 kinds of orchids and 700 kinds of trees.
Kebon Raya is located at a 1 hour drive from Singasari-Kokokan.

Bali Barat National Park
The Bali Barat National park was founded in 1941 to prevent the extinction of the native white blue “Bali starling” and to protect a the last piece of original rain forest. The Park was originally founded to save the Balinese tiger from extinction however, the last tiger was already shot in 1937. The Park is 77.000 hectares big, this is about 1/10 of whole Bali. It covers mountain flora and fauna to the coral reefs at Menjangang island. Several (long stay) trackings trough the park are possible, although for some a permit is needed.
Bali Barat National Park is located at 1,5 hour drive from Singasari-Kokokan.

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