Lovina was founded by the last Radja of the “kingdom” of Buleleng in North-Bali, Anak Agung Pandji Tisna (1908-1978). Originally the area consisted of several small adjoining fisherman villages. During the sixties and seventies the first backpackers visited the area and they were charmed by the peaceful atmosphere, the calm sea, the black lava sand beach and palm trees. After Pandji Tisna built a few bungalows in Kaliasem he named it Lovina (Love Indonesia). Today the whole area west of Singaraja is called Lovina, it includes the villages Pemaron, Anturan, Banyalit, Tukadmungga, Kalibukbuk, Kaliasem, Temukus and offers hotel and restaurant facilities from basic to very exclusive level.

Kaliasem beach is still very quiet. Specially the part at Spice Dive is, due to arrangements with local souvenir salesman, an oasis of tranquillity. In the evening you can have a wonderful beach dinner with views on the small fishing boats at sea.

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