Gitgit waterfall (air terjun Gitgit)
Several waterfalls at different locations along the road to Bedegul, about 9 km from Singaraja. Duet o the falling water from 60 mtrs height there is a cold wind. Approaching the waterfall and swimming is possible but the water is cold and at a few meters distance you will be completely wet. Besides the souvenir shops the winding path to the waterfall shows coffee en clove.
At ± 30 min from Singasari-Kokokan.

Singsing (air terjun Singsing)
In the dry season this waterfall doesn’t make much of an impression, but there will be hardly no other visitors around. Because of a little dam it is possible to swim. This waterfall can be approached in 2 ways from above and from underneath.
At ± 3 km from Singasari-Kokokan in the village of Temukus.

East of Singaraja near the village of Sawan (known for its gong and gamelan production) you will find undiscovered Sekumpul, beautiful nature with many waterfalls. Steep walk down, but worth it.

Munduk waterfalls
The area of Munduk has several waterfalls. Far less tourists than Gitgit, but it needs a stiff but beautiful walk through clove, coffee and cocoa plantations. Although one of the waterfalls is easy accessible from the main road.

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